The renowned and prodigious author Joey Lott will be coming to Philadelphia to share his wealth of knowledge on Flex and AIR.

Please RSVP if you are planning to attend.

Meeting Topic:
Introduction to Adobe AIR For Flex (And Flash) Developers

The meeting will take place on 10.22.08 – October 22nd


Prizes:  I have several O’Reilly t-shirts to give away.  As well as copies of Programming Flex 3, Learning Flex 3, and Getting Started with Flex 3.

Philadelphia University – Tuttleman Auditorium – There will be light refreshments, snacks, sodas, water available prior to the meeting in room 109 next to the auditorium. Thanks to Philadelphia University for the gracious hosting and refreshments.

School House Lane and Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144-5497
Tel: 215.951.2700
For directions/location info visit:
An interactive map of the campus highlighting the Tuttleman Auditorium can be found here:

Transportation from Center City
Also our good friend Tony Profeta of PDA Media will be arranging a get together in the city for a joint SEPTA field trip meetup at 5:30-6pmin front of the Clothespin (15th and Market) building to help our center city dwellers without cars, etc. to be able to participate and attend the meeting. Its a short bus ride from center city to the location, so no excuses for not coming out. :)

Topic Details:
Want to know how to use your existing Flex and/or Flash skills to build applications for the desktop using Adobe AIR? In this presentation we’ll look at what AIR is and is not, and we’ll look at the key features of AIR. We’ll go beyond the standard marketing presentation for AIR and instead focus on what is possible using AIR and what it takes to get up and running using AIR.

About the Speaker:
Joey Lott is the author or co-author of “Flash 8 Cookbook”, “Programming Flash Communication Server”, and “ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook” (all O’Reilly titles). Joey has worked in the Internet industry since 1996 including co-founding RightSpring, Inc. and consulting for YourMobile/Premium Wireless Services (J2EE B2C application) and (leading the development of a J2EE B2B application). He has been teaching Flash and ActionScript since 1999.

Books by Joey: Lott

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